Art and music school on Frøya will cooperate with the Nordskaget / Kverva village community, so they can create their own music band. The new corps should be a subdivision of Frøya’s schoolband, which has around ten members today.

-  If we want to get more people in music bands, it is important that we think newly. In 1970-80s far more people played in Frøya’s band, but now it's not as many. We will change this,- says rector of Frøya art and music school, Toril Antonsen Aae.

Village band will especially try to attract the migrant workers who have come to the region.

- We want to get known with people as much as possible. There may be people who have just come here from the other countries and do not speak Norwegian or English so good yet. But the music brings people together. Our aim is that as many as possible can join us. They do not even have to stay in the hamlet, - tells leader of Nordskaget / Kverva hamlet, Ronny Brattland.

- How many people will join the band, you believe?

- It doesn’t matter there will be five or twenty. The most important thing is that people come here and have fun. Then more of them will join us for sure in the future,- answers Brattland.

Dutch Gerard Rooker shall direct the band, which all of school age and up can join.

- You do not have to play any instrument. As long as you are interested in music, it is enough, - says the conductor.

- If you can play the saw, you can come here,- jokes Aae and the other laugh.

- Well, at least comb,- chuckles Rooker in return.

- We also have instruments to borrow if anyone could need them,- he adds.

Hamlets Corps will have their first rehearsal on Tuesday, 27th January at 18 o’clock in Nordskaget / Kverva community house in Strømskaget, Frøya